St George’s Church 2017/18 REGISTRATION FORM
CONFIRMATION Sacramental Preparation

The completion of this form, along with the submission of the document(s) listed below, must be completed by any registered members of St George’s Church interested in receiving the sacrament of Confirmation at St. George Parish.

NOTE: By providing the information on this form the family is considered registered members of St George’s Church, unless special dispensation has been approved. Parents are asked to bring the Baptismal certificate to the Information Meeting.In addition, before this form can be accepted a copy of the Baptismal certificate MUST be attached.

Personal Information

Full name of student / person to receive the sacrament(s) *
Full name of student / person to receive the sacrament(s)
Attends Which School? *
Home Address *
Home Address
Phone *
Please confirm that your child has already RECEIVED the following required sacraments of *
As the parent/Guardian of the registered student I fully understand and will comply with the attendance requirements. *

Confirmation Candidates MUST have received the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

The following outline should assist you with the selection of a person whom you feel best suits the qualities of a sponsor.

Canon 872, 873 and 874 of the code of Canon law lists the requirements for a valid and lawful sponsor

  • There should be only one sponsor per candidate; a godparent is a natural choice
  • Must be mature enough to undertake this responsibility
  • Must have received the three sacraments of initiation, namely Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.
  • Should be at least 16 years of age
  • Must know the fundamental truths of the Faith and be a practicing Catholic
  • Must be a member of the Catholic Church in good standing
  • Must NOT be the mother or father of the child.

Parents of the Confirmation candidates will be provided with a Sponsor’s Registration form. Once a sponsor has been determined the registration form is to be completed and returned to the Parish office.

Program Requirements


The first step in preparing your child for the celebration of Confirmation will be an information and registration meeting for parents/guardians on Sept. 26, 2017, 7pm, at St George’s Church.  In order to register for sacramental preparation, your child’s baptismal certificate is required. If you have lost or cannot find the original certificate, you can obtain a copy from the parish at which your child was baptized. Confirmation candidates are not required to attend this meeting.

Preparation Classes

Confirmation candidates are required to attend and participate in the preparation classes offered at the parish. Should there be a scheduling conflict for 2 or fewer classes, please speak to Charity in advance. In these circumstances, homework will be assigned and must be completed at home with parents and handed in at the next preparation class. Students may not miss more than 2 classes. The dates of the classes are as follows:

Oct 29th 10:30 am Enrollment Mass and Preparation Class 1

Nov 12th 10:30 am Mass and Preparation Class 2

Nov 26th 10:30 am Mass and Preparation Class 3

Dec 7th 7:00 pm Reconciliation Service

Jan 14th 10:30 am Mass and Preparation Class 4

Jan 28th 10:30 am Mass and Preparation Class 5

PARENTS Faith Formation

Rather than leaving your child at the church for the hour and coming back to pick him/her up, consider staying for coffee talk and parent faith formation! During each of the preparation classes for your child, there will be a separate opportunity for you and other parents to engage with the parish community and rekindle your own faith life. These sessions are not mandatory, but are encouraged as they will enrich the process for both you and your child, and give us at Saint George's an opportunity to meet you, and get to know how we can support you and your family through the confimation process.


Welcome to Saint George's parish.  We look forward to getting to know you.