The Community of Eritrean Catholics in Ottawa (CECO) worships at St. George’s Parish. We hold prayer sessions on the last Saturday of every month starting at 6:00p.m. We pray the rosary, the litany and we praise the Lord with songs. 

We also celebrate Geez rite high masses on Christmas, Easter, Ascension and the Assumption of Our Lady. We prepare for the feast of Assumption with three days of chanting of hymns to the Virgin Mary. Come pray with us!

To contact our community please email:

Stay tuned to this page, we will be adding updates with a list of our annual prayer events.


The Eritrean Catholic Church in full union with the Catholic Church. Established in 2015, its membership includes inhabitants of Eritrea. It is headquartered in Asmara. Its liturgical rite is the Alexandrian Rite. Like the other Eastern Catholic Churches, the Eritrean Catholic Church is in full communion with the Holy See. It holds the Christological doctrine of the Council of Chalcedon and accepts the universal jurisdiction of the Pope.