This year YG will be structured around a ministry program called "Edge" by LifeTeen. Edge is a program tailored to youth in grades 6, 7, 8. Through Edge we will explore the Catechism of the Catholic Church, taking up different sections of the Catechism every semester. You can find out more about the Edge program at (Many thanks to the Knights of Columbus whose generous donation made funding of the program possible!)

Life Teen is a youth ministry movement that offers various programs and resources for strengthening youth in their Catholic identity and calling them closer to Jesus. You can find out more about them on their webpage

Below is an overview of our YG Edge Night topics leading us into the New Year.


EXISTENCE: Exploring the Core of our Faith

  • “Epic Universe”            The awesome universe we live in
  • “Respond”                    Faith
  • "The Father"                 God the Father
  • "Hidden"                       God's creation of the Spiritual World
  • "What We See"             God's Creation of the Earth
  • "The Final Creation"     God's Creation of Humanity
  • "The Big Lie"                 The Fall
  • "Bad News"                   Why Suffering and Evil Exist (+ Good News that Jesus brings)

JOYFUL: Special Family Nights for Advent

  • "She Said Yes"                                                 The Annunciation
  • “She’ll be coming Around the Mountain”        The Visitation
  • “He’s Here”                                                     The Nativity
  • “The Greatest Christmas Social of All Time”   (Pretty self-explanatory!)

As always, YG nights will approach topics using a mix of thematic games, taking up of scripture, small group discussion, prayer, and other fun and engaging activities, and as always, we'll have relaxed hangout time and snack at the end of most nights.

We’re excited about Edge and the year ahead!
See you next Friday!

Your YG Leadership Team

(Questions? Contact Anjuli at or 613-791-4238)