While the ushers are taking up the collection, and are halfway down the 2nd side, please go to the back of the church. When the ushers have finished the collection, and the altar servers approach the gifts, and the usher is behind you with the collection, please proceed to the gifts. One person should pick up the ciborium with the bread and the other the decanter of wine. Follow the altar servers and usher up to the front of the church where the usher will put the collection basket in the sanctuary and the priest will take the gifts from you one at a time. When the priest bows his head, bow yours as well and return to your pew.

If you cannot be present at the scheduled time, please arrange for a substitute from the contact list. Thank you for your willingness to participate actively in the liturgy. Please encourage other parishioners to do so as well. If you know of others who are willing to serve as gift bearers, please have them contact Jennifer Arnold at web@saintgeorges.ca.