The term "Social Justice", embraces the seven principals of Catholic Social Teaching. The principles are simply stated, but require sacrifice of ourselves for the good of others.  These principles include;

  • Dignity of the Human Person,
  • Call to Community and Participation,
  • Options for the Poor and vulnerable,
  • Solidarity with our Neighbor,
  • Rights and Responsibilities,
  • Dignity of Work, and
  • Care for God's Creation.

Many people confuse charity and social justice, but the two are quite different. Charity is how we respond to the immediate needs presented before us; whereas social justice seeks to understand why those needs exist in the first place and confront them. However, justice is not simply obtained through a better understanding of what leads to inequality or create disadvantages, but it is based in relationship with those who are in need.  

In the gospel according to Luke, Jesus began his public life by reading a passage from Isaiah that introduced his ministry and our mission:

  • Bring "good news to the poor" in a society where many lack the necessities of life;
  • Bring "liberty to captives" when so many are enslaved by poverty, addiction, ignorance, discrimination, violence or disabling conditions;
  • Bring "new sight to the blind" in a culture where the excessive pursuit of power or pleasure can spiritually blind us to the dignity and right of others; and
  • "Set the downtrodden free" in communities where economic and moral forces leave people without real hope.  (Luke 4:18)

Do you have a passion to aid your neighbor, and follow closely in the footsteps of Jesus?

Just a few ways in which you can help in your community:

Westboro Community Kitchen

Wymering Manor

Development and Peace

Eritrean Community

Parkdale Food Bank

Multi-Faith Housing

Pro Life



The St. George’s Social Justice Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of the month, except during the summer months of July and August.

To learn more or to get involved in some way please contact Deacon Bob Van de Laar, Chair of the Social Justice Committee, at or through the parish office at (613) 728-0201.


At present, there are two very serious humanitarian crises in the world: the continuing fighting in Syria and the aftermath of the most recent hurricane in Haiti.

St George's Parish and the Archdiocese of Ottawa are asking you to support "Development and Peace" for both these causes.

You can use the buttons below to make an online donation directly to Development and Peace.