My name is Tasha Kennedy, I’m from Ottawa, Ontario and I come from a large family and am the third eldest of nine! I’m eighteen and I recently graduated from Redeemer Christian High School.

A glimpse into my life will show you that I am an avid reader and lover of music, podcasts, and writing. I love being outside in nature and have spent many a summer camping and hiking.

I’ve been a parishioner at St. George’s Parish for the past three years. My family and I have been actively involved in Parish life attending mass every Sunday and going to parish events! Over the past year the majority of my involvement has been with the youth group at St. George’s parish. You can find me most Friday nights in the parish basement having fun and praising Jesus. I have been able to watch the kids within it grow in relationship with Christ while having fun and developing relationships with peers.

I have also run a couple of youth retreats at St. George’s school with Charity for the Church. This opportunity allowed me to realize that youth ministry is something I truly love. From this realization I decided to fully give God control of my life for the upcoming year and I heard the call to join NET ministries and become a part of the sixty!

I’m so excited to be spending the next year as a NET missionary evangelizing and sharing Christ with the youth of Canada. It would mean so much to me if you joined this mission with me in partnership and helped me achieve my goal!

To donate please go to:  https://netcanada.ca/support-a-missionary/tasha-kennedy

Yours in Christ,

Tasha Kennedy