The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) as mandated by the Constitution of St. George's Parish, through prayer, reflection and dialogue, identifies the pastoral needs of the parish and strives to respond to those needs.  The PPC is comprised of the Pastor, and six parishioners of St. George's Church.  Members of the PPC are elected/confirmed by parishioners at the Annual General Meeting, and are elected for six-year terms. Meetings of the PPC take place in the parish hall the first Wednesday of each month, except during July and August.


Marywynne Parke

Sherri Billowits

Gord Coogan

Beryl CoteJohnson

Barbara Ferris

Angie Gagliano


The faith studies offered at St. George’s are an opportunity to find out what it truly means to know and experience a fulfilling relationship with God. Offered in a small group setting, the faith studies are not so much a course, but an experience. Five different studies are offered at different times throughout the year. Each study takes you deeper into a different aspect of the Catholic faith and typically runs one evening per week for six weeks. Whether you’re a young adult, or have more experience in years, the faith studies will present you with a refreshing look at the Christian faith. Please check the parish calendar for information on when the next round of faith studies begin!

God’s greatest gift to me through the Faith Studies has been a better appreciation of, and trust in, the Holy Spirit. I put myself in His guidance each morning and then, when faced with the challenges and opportunities of life, I try to make the choices He would want.
— Ron
I have participated in several of the CCO faith studies, and each experience was fun, thought-provoking, and faith-affirming.  Joining in the studies has helped me to feel more connected to my parish community and more personally connected to God.
— Sandra


The Events Committee organizes a variety of activities that are fun to attend and that allow members to get to know one another. Some events are aimed at raising money to defray the ongoing expenses of the parish and to assist in paying back the parish loan. Others are meant to celebrate a parish or annual milestone with less emphasis on raising money. The committee is best known for organizing the St. Patrick’s Day Social. Other events have included a car rally, chocolate bar sales and a parish birthday party. Oktoberfest, headed by a member of the Finance Council, is under the Events committee.

The committee is always looking for volunteers to help organize or work on events. For further information or to volunteer, contact Elizabeth Mason or Mark Jenkins. Their contact information is on the front of the bulletin.


The Media Committee oversees both traditional and electronic forms of communication between the parish, parish members and the community at large. The committee reviews and updates the content that is on the St. George website and manages the social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). For further information please contact David Moloney. His contact information is on the front of the bulletin.


The Finance Council comprises of the Pastor and a minimum of three (3) other members who demonstrate a level of experience in finance, budgeting, property maintenance and good business practices.  The Council carries out the temporal administration of the Parish establishing guidelines and advising on matters such as revenues, expenses, loans, investments, bookkeeping, repairs, construction, contracts, and salaries.  Members serving on the Council must be Parishioners and are elected for terms of three years in duration. Parish Finance Councils are responsible to the Episcopal Corporation (the owner of all diocesan personal and real property).


The term "Social Justice", embraces the seven principals of Catholic Social Teaching. The principles are simply stated, but require sacrifice of ourselves for the good of others.  These principles include;

  • Dignity of the Human Person,
  • Call to Community and Participation,
  • Options for the Poor and vulnerable,
  • Solidarity with our Neighbor,
  • Rights and Responsibilities,
  • Dignity of Work, and
  • Care for God's Creation.

Many people confuse charity and social justice, but the two are quite different. Charity is how we respond to the immediate needs presented before us; whereas social justice seeks to understand why those needs exist in the first place and confront them. However, justice is not simply obtained through a better understanding of what leads to inequality or create disadvantages, but it is based in relationship with those who are in need.  

In the gospel according to Luke, Jesus began his public life by reading a passage from Isaiah that introduced his ministry and our mission:

  • Bring "good news to the poor" in a society where many lack the necessities of life;
  • Bring "liberty to captives" when so many are enslaved by poverty, addiction, ignorance, discrimination, violence or disabling conditions;
  • Bring "new sight to the blind" in a culture where the excessive pursuit of power or pleasure can spiritually blind us to the dignity and right of others; and
  • "Set the downtrodden free" in communities where economic and moral forces leave people without real hope.  (Luke 4:18)

Do you have a passion to aid your neighbor, and follow closely in the footsteps of Jesus?

Just a few ways in which you can help in your community:

Westboro Community Kitchen

Wymering Manor

Development and Peace

Eritrean Community

Parkdale Food Bank

Multi-Faith Housing

Pro Life



The St. George’s Social Justice Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of the month, except during the summer months of July and August.

To learn more or to get involved in some way please contact Deacon Bob Van de Laar, Chair of the Social Justice Committee, at or through the parish office at (613) 728-0201.


At present, there are two very serious humanitarian crises in the world: the continuing fighting in Syria and the aftermath of the most recent hurricane in Haiti.

St George's Parish and the Archdiocese of Ottawa are asking you to support "Development and Peace" for both these causes.

You can use the buttons below to make an online donation directly to Development and Peace.


Please join us every Sunday after either the 9:00 am or the 10:30 am Mass for coffee and some treats. Take the time to get to know your fellow parishioners. We are a warm and welcoming community and we look forward to meeting you soon.

To volunteer your time or baking skills please contact the following people:

For the 9:00 am Mass - Leslie Van de Laar at 613-834-3521or

For the 10:30 am Mass - Adrienne Goodwin at 613-725-2485 or


The Fundraising Committee organizes several events throughout the year, notably the St George’s Parish Annual Gala. Fundraising initiatives are created to assist in covering the ongoing expenses of the parish and to assist in paying back the parish loan.

The committee is always looking for volunteers and great fundraising ideas. For further information or to volunteer, contact Georges Bouliane.


Would you like to put your gardening and other outdoor maintenance skills to work? We are always happy to welcome new volunteers to assist with the lovely grounds and garden that form part of St George’s Parish. Please contact Mark Jenkins at 613-728-8707.


Pastoral Home Care is a ministry of presence and spiritual nourishment. Trained and screened team members visit those requesting a pastoral care visit in their homes, such as the elderly and other people who are unable to leave their homes.

Through weekly one hour visits, volunteers share concerns and experiences, provide information on Parish Life and are a personal link to the parish community. The pastoral home care volunteer prepares and leads a para-liturgy based on the prayers and readings of the Mass which is centered around the reception of the Eucharist. Over time, volunteers forge a special relationship with those they visit. The lives of those visited, of the volunteers, and of all parishioners are enriched through this unique ministry of presence.

Team members meet together once a month to offer support, guidance to one another and to discuss relevant topics. All team members are to complete a certification program once a year team members receive a special blessing through the Rite of Commissioning.

If you are interested in having a loved one visited by one of our pastoral home care volunteers or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact the coordinator Maria Tatasciore at (613) 722-5020.


The parish library is a resource for parishioners of all ages.  Included in its collection of books and DVDs are materials on spiritual reading, prayer, sacramental preparation, biographies and the popular children’s collection.

The library is open after the Sunday 10:30 Mass, and at other times by request. Our volunteers are happy to assist you in borrowing and returning Library resources.

Contact: Carol Scott - 613 722-8544 -


Rental spaces vary in size and can accommodate from 12 people to 250 people. The spaces are suitable for hosting large or small events and for corporate meetings where break out rooms are needed. The Main hall is approximately 3,500 square feet with bar, dividable by a sound proof wall system.

The facility boasts a fully equipped spacious kitchen, accessible washrooms, and ample on-site parking.

For information on hall rentals please contact 613-724-0086 or e-mail

Salon A

900 square feet

Salon B

2,000 square feet

Salon C

600 square feet

Salon D

900 Square Feet