Works of Mercy extend God’s love, compassion and mercy to those most in need. At St. George’s Parish we concentrate our time, skills and attention on the vulnerable, marginalized and weak. We help our community with their physical and material needs.

We keep our focus on the words of Pope Francis – Live Your Faith

We keep our focus on the words of Pope Francis – Live Your Faith


We should be guided towards acts of mercy, charity and compassion. Our role is to defend and advocate on behalf of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized. To provide hospitality and friendship to the friendless. To provide and support multi-faith programs and work collaboratively with community groups and associations. 

Corporal Works of Mercy

Feed the hungry
Shelter the homeless
Clothe the naked
Visit the sick and imprisoned
Bury the dead
Give alms to the poor

St. George’s Parish is actively involved with and supports:

  • Wymering Manor, a residence for women with severe and persistent mental illness.

  • Royal Ottawa Place, a residence that provides an innovative, specialized environment with supports and enhances the quality of life of adults with serious, complex, stable mental illness and other individuals who may benefit from a mental health environment.

  • Local food banks and food centres such as the Parkdale Food Centre.

  • The multi-faith housing initiative where all people have access to safe, continuous affordable housing.

  • Refugee sponsorship for both Eritrean and Syrian refugees in collaboration with the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  • Environmental issues and the social impact of climate change such as the risk and dangers involved in human conflict.

  • Development and Peace.

To learn more or to get involved please contact Rev. Bob Van de Laar, Deacon - Chair of the Social Justice Committee, at 613-882-3521.